Saturday, 4 July 2015

Outer Shapes & Inner Space

OUTER SHAPES & INNER SPACE is a special interest 4 song album about deep and soft ambient and meditative space, in down- and mid-tempo. 4 meditations care for deep relaxation, attend you in meditation and brain works with mind machines and other spiritual imaginations.

Ambient meditative electronica music, experimental with active percussion beat. The song is a well base for relaxation, but by the active beat rhythm the brain stays in a creative production wave. THE MOVING SHAPES are the link between our daily busy life and a relaxation zone where your mind will note the hectic of life and the necessary to disconnect for a healthy rest. Let your mind take a lift or cablecar to explore deeper fields of imagination.
From here you can follow the next meditation, or also you can stay up after this short rest with fresh energy.

Deep ambient and meditative space, absolute down tempo without any beats or drums.
Arrived in a form of Out-of-Body experience this is the main meditation. Your mind is clear and your hemispheres will oscillate in a harmonic unison. In this state absolute new or unexplored creative fields will open their doors. Maybe you'll watch and imagine the evolution and connection of new synapses in your brain, it's up to you to destine the direction of imagination. After this meditation a part of your mind will stay offside, so don't wonder if the world doesn't seem the same after wake up, ... because there's no Wake Up call!

Similiar like "The Meditative Space", down-tempo, but in any way more troubled and no easy listening. Music for deep relaxation, brain works with mind-machines and other spiritual experiences. THE SHOUTING SPACE follows the previous meditation, but there are some elements which care for more disturbance. While the relaxation stays any working processes needs answers which are in progress. The creativity becomes a less imaginative and therefore a more reality corresponding state.

Music for deep relaxation, meditation, brain works and mind-machines. Deep ambience for themes like scifi and space. In this song a percussion beat offers more easy listening while staying in deep relaxation.
HOLY - THE DANCING SPACE is about evolution and dreaming. While seeing yourself in a deep relaxation you may imagine the first elements and molecules in their dynamics becoming more and more an universal harmony. The performance dance of mind and evolution! While following the sound a rhythm percussion beat will forward you into a deeper relaxation where you can imagine the early dark mysterious world, deep under the surface of the oceans, where first lifeforms are becoming and populate the planet Earth.

released 04 March 2013