Friday, 26 June 2015

ORBIT album re-release

Available now in all major stores like: Amazon.mp3, iTunes, Spotify and else. Best buy @ Bandcamp or CDbaby

ORBIT is ambient, experimental, spacey synthesizer music. This album is a compilation of tracks which i recorded between 2008 to 2010. The album name ORBIT is dedicated to the synthesizer with which i composed the first tracks.

In any way the evolution of the album ORBIT is like the evolution of our knowledge about our solar system. ORBIT startet as a 3 track album. Later i added 4 tracks and promoted it as a 7 track Bandcamp album. Now at last i finalized ORBIT for all major stores with 3 added tracks from the same timeline as a 10 track album. You may associate this evolution with

step 1, the visible solar system: Earth, Sun and Moon

step 2, the ancient astrological solar system: + Merkur, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

step 3, the today's offical solar system: + Saturn, Pluto, Neptun

The title BAT'S NIGHT was composed especially for a short SF 3D video sequence and has an own story:
"... and black birds came out from the dark, a darkness which doesn't left any space for the imagine of life. There, where nobody would rise, the black birds found the sacred temple of darkness which they were looking for since thousands of years, traveling through endless galaxies, hidden in the nights and allways in fear of the lifeforms whose blood they needed for their own life.
This now is the long awaited beginning of a new aeon, that which the oldest of them prayed from generation to generation, the great moment of rebirth and endless immortality."