Saturday, 4 July 2015

Outer Shapes & Inner Space

OUTER SHAPES & INNER SPACE is a special interest 4 song album about deep and soft ambient and meditative space, in down- and mid-tempo. 4 meditations care for deep relaxation, attend you in meditation and brain works with mind machines and other spiritual imaginations.

Ambient meditative electronica music, experimental with active percussion beat. The song is a well base for relaxation, but by the active beat rhythm the brain stays in a creative production wave. THE MOVING SHAPES are the link between our daily busy life and a relaxation zone where your mind will note the hectic of life and the necessary to disconnect for a healthy rest. Let your mind take a lift or cablecar to explore deeper fields of imagination.
From here you can follow the next meditation, or also you can stay up after this short rest with fresh energy.

Deep ambient and meditative space, absolute down tempo without any beats or drums.
Arrived in a form of Out-of-Body experience this is the main meditation. Your mind is clear and your hemispheres will oscillate in a harmonic unison. In this state absolute new or unexplored creative fields will open their doors. Maybe you'll watch and imagine the evolution and connection of new synapses in your brain, it's up to you to destine the direction of imagination. After this meditation a part of your mind will stay offside, so don't wonder if the world doesn't seem the same after wake up, ... because there's no Wake Up call!

Similiar like "The Meditative Space", down-tempo, but in any way more troubled and no easy listening. Music for deep relaxation, brain works with mind-machines and other spiritual experiences. THE SHOUTING SPACE follows the previous meditation, but there are some elements which care for more disturbance. While the relaxation stays any working processes needs answers which are in progress. The creativity becomes a less imaginative and therefore a more reality corresponding state.

Music for deep relaxation, meditation, brain works and mind-machines. Deep ambience for themes like scifi and space. In this song a percussion beat offers more easy listening while staying in deep relaxation.
HOLY - THE DANCING SPACE is about evolution and dreaming. While seeing yourself in a deep relaxation you may imagine the first elements and molecules in their dynamics becoming more and more an universal harmony. The performance dance of mind and evolution! While following the sound a rhythm percussion beat will forward you into a deeper relaxation where you can imagine the early dark mysterious world, deep under the surface of the oceans, where first lifeforms are becoming and populate the planet Earth.

released 04 March 2013

Friday, 26 June 2015

ORBIT album re-release

Available now in all major stores like: Amazon.mp3, iTunes, Spotify and else. Best buy @ Bandcamp or CDbaby

ORBIT is ambient, experimental, spacey synthesizer music. This album is a compilation of tracks which i recorded between 2008 to 2010. The album name ORBIT is dedicated to the synthesizer with which i composed the first tracks.

In any way the evolution of the album ORBIT is like the evolution of our knowledge about our solar system. ORBIT startet as a 3 track album. Later i added 4 tracks and promoted it as a 7 track Bandcamp album. Now at last i finalized ORBIT for all major stores with 3 added tracks from the same timeline as a 10 track album. You may associate this evolution with

step 1, the visible solar system: Earth, Sun and Moon

step 2, the ancient astrological solar system: + Merkur, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

step 3, the today's offical solar system: + Saturn, Pluto, Neptun

The title BAT'S NIGHT was composed especially for a short SF 3D video sequence and has an own story:
"... and black birds came out from the dark, a darkness which doesn't left any space for the imagine of life. There, where nobody would rise, the black birds found the sacred temple of darkness which they were looking for since thousands of years, traveling through endless galaxies, hidden in the nights and allways in fear of the lifeforms whose blood they needed for their own life.
This now is the long awaited beginning of a new aeon, that which the oldest of them prayed from generation to generation, the great moment of rebirth and endless immortality."

Monday, 25 May 2015

New album CLOUD CITY

CLOUD CITY comes with a relaxed style variation while other albums are more dramatic, dark and spacey. The songs are all composed in the year 2015.
CLOUD CITY is a mainly relaxed ambient low tempo meditative and experimental album, but it's no real easy listening. Some songs include a dark and mysterious atmosphere. The imagination behind the music starts with the arrival in an utopic city, the welcome in a nice friendly community and ends with the rising of the soul to another destination of existence. Within this experience there are some steps of evaluation. While listening you may use your own imagination depending to the titles. Maybe your phantasy will tell you your own dreamy story.

CLOUD CITY is also available at CDbaby and all major stores!

Friday, 15 May 2015


MARE DIGITALIS is ambient experimental synthesizer psychedelic and space music made with analog hardware gear, mainly with the A-100 Analog Modular System. The sound comes with a richness of drones and noise. Only a few tracks include some hypnotic drums and beats.
The tracks are following a line of experiences and spacey adventures. By this reason the track names start with a number of it's production day. These days don't follow a calendrical order. The former production of the songs was made for my YT videos in the years 2010 to 2013 under my earlier bandname
All 10 tracks are remastered for this album MARE DIGITALIS in the year 2015. MARE DIGITALIS is also the name which was my first imagination when i got the idea for this set and style of music in the year 2010. Last not least some of you may ask why i called this album MARE DIGITALIS although the songs are composed with analog gear? "Digitalis" is in this meaning a synonym for "non-natural, electronic music or no tribal instruments".

MARE DIGITALIS is also available at CDbaby and all major stores!

Track list:

1) Day 23 - Newton's Law 26:05
2) Day 26 - Anti G 29:50 (album only)
3) Day 42 - REM Activity II 18:05
4) Day 43 - The Darkside of Neptune 15:02
5) Day 47 - Hyperbrain 21:18
6) Day 50 - Interstellar 12:50
7) Day 51 - Scheherezade 29:53 (album only)
8) Day 52 - Holebreaker Spacepunks 14:00
9) Day 53 - Ghost 18:04
10) Day 54 - The Secret Biosphere 15:01

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dark Age

Ambient experimental electronic synthesizer space music. As usual in the 2nd half the style changes and becomes more groove.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


I'm more and more sure, ... while another album in progress is paused, this is the 5th track of a new album called SUBSPACE! With my new synthesizer Moog Sub37 i got much new inspiration which i missed a while before.


Ambient meditative space synthesizer music with Moog Sub37 Tribute

Friday, 1 May 2015

Brainwaves Dance

My "never sleep" music, the ambient meditative space journey for psychonauts.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Suburban Waves

Some more drive today. My 2nd track made with Moog Sub37 Tribute Edition synthesizer.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Subspace Prelude

My first track made with Moog Sub37 Tribute Edition synthesizer. Ambient meditative space music for analog people.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New synth, new sounds!

That means the album in progress will have to wait while i just start a new production line. The first 3 tracks are ready to post in the following posts, but before take a look at this wonderful machine, Moog Sub37 Tribute Edition

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

New album in progress

New album in progress, just finishing song 7.
Other than else this time i plan to release only the complete album, not the single songs direct after producing. So please be patient a while.
In between i'll present you one of my machines which i use in nearly every production in the last 2 years. The KORG RADIAS is the synthesizer with which i produce the deep drones in the backgrounds or in the foregrounds. I can't avoid to play with the filters and most times it's the starting track of every song.