Saturday, 11 October 2014


The follow-up to the immensely successful "Escape" album. "Transcendence" offers 12 tracks of ambient, meditative, space electronica, a relaxing indie sound that is unlike any music you've ever heard.
"Transcendence" will spend you a chilling and relaxing sound atmosphere. The composer Stefan Beckhusen aka BEYOND THE LINES creates all this songs with original hardware synthesizers. The main theme goes down-tempo and includes drones and noise. Sometimes a looping rhythm fades in and out for a while, or the style changes and becomes groovy in the 2nf half.
All about it's difficult to describe this music with words, so the best is ..... listen, relax and chill out!

TRANSCENDENCE by Beyond the Lines is also available at CDbaby and all major stores!

All cover artworks by Stefan Beckhusen (c) 2014