Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Transcendence - The Trumpets of Jericho

2nd track of the album TRANSCENDENCE.
The album TRANSCENDENCE by Beyond the Lines is also available at CDbaby and all major stores!

Interesting info about Jericho (sorry if my translation isn't perfect)!

Jericho (today):
Jericho is a city in the palestine areas at the west coast of the river Jordan. Jericho lies 250m below the sea level and is the most deepest city of the world.
The name Jericho remembers the moon-god Jarich, the city is locates at a ancient caravanserai route. Jericho has around 25.000 inhabitants and is called "the oldest city of the world, but the first city walls are known first 2.000 years after the first settlement. More times again in it's past Jericho was destroyed and became ruins, but always after a longer time it was built up again.

Jericho (The holy bible):
For jewish and christian pilgrims Jericho was the last station before the difficult rise to Jerusalem which was used as a resting place for the emperors of Jerusalem in case of it's warmer climate conditions in winter.
The book Josua tells that Jericho was conquered and destroyed by israelites while conquering Kanaan. The name Jericho-Trumpet remembers the fall of Jericho when the sound of trumpets (7 Schofaren) caused the falling-down of the city walls (Jos 6,4-20 LUT).
Damned was everobody who would build up again Jericho. His first child should die when the city was grounded new again, and his youngest child should die when the city gates/doors were set (Jos 6,26 EU).
In later times Jericho was build up again by King Ahab (1 Kön 16,34 EU), but his oldest and his youngest child were died. In between the city wasn't settled complete because there was also a conquering by Moab (Ri 3,16 GNB).
The holy bible describes the fall of the canaan city Jericho, the so called promised land. For this the israelites should march for 6 days once a day around the city, while playing trombone priests leaded the warriors way. At the 7th day the mass should round the city once and then play the trombones. After this the city walls fall down.

Jericho-Trumpets, 2nd world war:
As Jericho-Trumpets sirenes were called, which were bounded at the undercarriage of the german warplanes Junkers Ju 87. These sirenes were activates by the wind of the propeller when the aeroplanes came to quick nosedive. The sirenes made the enemies fear and were part of psychological warfare. Still today it's a mistaken belief that falling aeroplanes will make such sounds.