Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back in Time: "Orbit"

"Orbit" the album is made with the synthesizer which is also calle Orbit by EMU.
The songs are from 2009 and new remastered and compiled 2013.
"Orbit" is ambient psychedelic space and experimental electronica synthesizer music with long soundscapes.

Travelling the Universe

One more forgotten track from 2012 which i found in my archive.
... made with original hardware synthesizers Future Retro Revolution, Novation X-Station and Korg M50.
After the ambient intro at min 4:05 the style changes complete and becomes a driven clubsound with FRR bassline. So be patient if the beginning isn't yours ;)

Monday, 26 August 2013

Wir leben noch!

"Wir leben noch!" (translation: "We're still alive!") is an ambient meditative space soundscape with inspirational elements.
I composed this song in 01 Jan. 2013, but didn't publish it till now.
The song is made with original synthesizers Korg M50, Novation X-Station and Quasimidi Quasar.
Keywords: ambient, electronica, meditative, inspirational, space, soundscape, new age, brain works, psychedelic dreams