Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sirius shouts:"Hello World!"

The very first album of Beyond the Lines with powerfull tracks in a unique driving electronic dancing style.
Quite apart from the actual music style of "Beyond the Lines" the album "Sirius shouts: Hello World!" comes with unique tracks in a driving electronic dancing style which is in any way difficult to describe.
6 powerfull tracks will lead your mind at party or while speed driving on the highway. These tracks comes in a soft agressive mood, so take care what you're doing while listening. The album title is a homage to the only one synthesizer with which these songs are produced in a single live session, the "Quaimidi Sirius" synthesizer workstation. The album "Sirius shouts: Hello World!" is a re-release. The first release in the year 2008 was by INNOVATIVESOUNDS, the former name/pseudonym which is now "Beyond the Lines".
SIRIUS SHOUTS: HELLO WORLD! is also available at CDbaby and all other major stores!

1) Days of Thunder
2) Hunting Cobras (main title)
3) Mordor
4) Babylon 1 - Priest and Bitch
5) Off Limits (main title 2)
6) The Darkside Run (extra)

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The Frequent Flyer's Dream

Mid-tempo chillout made with Korg Radias