Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ning network and WackWall network

at first let me say that i'm sorry that our Synthesizer-Artists network at Ning is no longer present and even the new try out to create a functional network at WackWall didn't run as it should.

There are quite easy reasons:
Ning changed their plannings and will take money for networks which they offered as free before. That's a fucking politic which i won't serve. Last not least the problem isn't the money, but more that the participation of members never got what it should.
WackWall which is since long time still in beta modus was a good try out to change, but there are still so many bugs and errors, that makes no fun. Even if one bug is solved another one appeared. The last bug was that the layout of the main page changed by itself. More about this the email verification for new members doesn't work correct and instantly since "several months".
That made me crazy from the beginning all the time. Also the page layout administration was unlikely difficult and some things didn't work.

So i decided to become free from wasting my time.
CU anywhere in the web,