Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Between the Lines

Mournfull, dreamy, paranoid and hypnotic, maybe this are the words to describe my new ambience track "Between the Lines". If you listen with headphones and maybe use a mind-machine you'll be best served for an extravagant audio-mental journey.
More and more i've fun to play with styles, with low and mid tempo, and atmospheres to generate it's own overlocking atmo. In one moment you think it's a sad song, then psychic fx influences and some simple beginner's tones change the route and are flowing in bright moving clouds of sound while silent beats let you imagine there's a disco one block away. Maybe your eyelids become heavy and you must close your eyes like falling asleep, but your brain is wide open and hungry for all and after this ~30min trip you'll have the feeling of a really deep relaxion.

Don't ask me how i made this shot.
The sound is made 100% with original synthesizer Clavia Nord Modular G2.

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