Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Endless Dream

And again a new track made with the original synthesizer Clavia Nord Modular G2.
It's very ambient, so use headphones and relax.

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for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

We are not alone !

Made the shot for this cover while my holidays in Madeira. The planning was to make a whole serie of photos with the Milkyway, but to be true, it was so cold at 1600m altitude, that i in my beach-city clothes after driving the serpentines through the dark night my concentration failed for the right settings. So i'm lucky to have minimum 1 lucky shot.

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Again the sound is made 100% with the original synthesizer Clavia Nord Modular G2

for the free music will be great, even it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Caldeirao Verde

"Caldeirao Verde" is a waterfall in the rainforest of Madeira. To reach this place you have a strong walk of 2 hours. While this 3 very small tunnels in which you cannot stand upright must be passed.

The sound is made with the original synthesizer Clavia Nord Modular G2.

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for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


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Too tired for big words today. Again the sound is made 100% only with the original synthesizer Clavia Nord Modular G2. The cover shows the view from the 2nd highest cliffs of the world.
Relax & enjoy, don't jump ;)

for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


RABACAL is a national park area in Madeira, an island of Portugal. You can't drive there directly by car, but the tour across the mountains is absolutely great, at day and at night. Believe me, if you ever will do it, something in your mind will change your imagination of life. You'll never forget it and maybe a secret part of your soul will stay there.
A lot of my last flickr posts are from this tour between PORTO MONIZ, ENCUMEADA and RIBEIRA BRAVA, and a lot will follow.

Those of you who follow my audioblog since a longer time may note in any way the change which came by my last holidays.

The sound is made with the original synthesizer CLAVIA NORD MODULAR G2

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for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Between the Lines

Mournfull, dreamy, paranoid and hypnotic, maybe this are the words to describe my new ambience track "Between the Lines". If you listen with headphones and maybe use a mind-machine you'll be best served for an extravagant audio-mental journey.
More and more i've fun to play with styles, with low and mid tempo, and atmospheres to generate it's own overlocking atmo. In one moment you think it's a sad song, then psychic fx influences and some simple beginner's tones change the route and are flowing in bright moving clouds of sound while silent beats let you imagine there's a disco one block away. Maybe your eyelids become heavy and you must close your eyes like falling asleep, but your brain is wide open and hungry for all and after this ~30min trip you'll have the feeling of a really deep relaxion.

Don't ask me how i made this shot.
The sound is made 100% with original synthesizer Clavia Nord Modular G2.

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for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Song made with Clavia Nord Modular G2

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for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Greatest Place on Earth

Took my Clavia Nord Modular G2 which was standing long time in my office where i've no time for making music back home now. By any way this red machine is what i wished from the beginning of making synthesizer music. Unfortunately in 2 years it was 2x defect, i've no other electronic equipment with which i've to handle so tasty and carefully. That minimizes the fun :(
But last not least i can't imagine to miss it. In the moment again it's my first choice because all is possible with it.
The following track is made complete with the G2, only the noise comes from the A-100 Analog Modular System. The cover image is a shot which i've made im Madeira.

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for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Walking with Clouds

Back from Madeira where we spend our holidays. What shall i say? It was a maximum impressive experience and we're sure to revisit this fantastic island.
This audio journey is made with following synthesizers:
Kawai K4, Virus C, Quasimidi Sirius, Norg Modular G2, Novation X-Station 25, Korg Kaoss Pad, A-100 Analog Modular System.
A little bit of nearly all ;) Use headphones for the best audio experience !

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for the free music, even if it's only 1 USD. Thanks!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Dreamy track made with the A-100 Analog Modular System, the Roland MC-909 and the Novation X-Station. If you feel that the sound sounds in any way like a song from Pink Floyd i can promise you that this was never my intention.

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Winds of Change

This track is based on my previous live video track, but this is a new master composing with additional ambient elements.
The used instruments are:
A-100 Analog Modular System, Korg Kaoss Pad, Roland MC-909, Jomox T-Resonator, Access Virus Indigo and Voices of Whales

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Live - A-100, MC-909, Kaoss Pad, Virus Indigo

Long time ago since my last video upload. That depends my usual track sessions which are much longer than 10 min (YouTube) as you can listen here. More about this i make music for my fun and not to stress myself with video codecs and long render times.
This new track now is made especially for YouTube. The used gear are:
A-100 Analog Modular System, Roland MC-909, Korg Kaoss Pad and Access Virus Indigo. The traffic route in the background is Hamburg Hafenstrasse and Hamburg Reeperbahn. Unfortunately i forgot to clean the window before.

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ning network and WackWall network

at first let me say that i'm sorry that our Synthesizer-Artists network at Ning is no longer present and even the new try out to create a functional network at WackWall didn't run as it should.

There are quite easy reasons:
Ning changed their plannings and will take money for networks which they offered as free before. That's a fucking politic which i won't serve. Last not least the problem isn't the money, but more that the participation of members never got what it should.
WackWall which is since long time still in beta modus was a good try out to change, but there are still so many bugs and errors, that makes no fun. Even if one bug is solved another one appeared. The last bug was that the layout of the main page changed by itself. More about this the email verification for new members doesn't work correct and instantly since "several months".
That made me crazy from the beginning all the time. Also the page layout administration was unlikely difficult and some things didn't work.

So i decided to become free from wasting my time.
CU anywhere in the web,

Friday, 6 August 2010

Back in Time (2013 Remix)

.... made 2010 with original hardware synthesizers Quasimidi Sirius and Novation X-Station, remixed 2013.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Speedjunk v2

2nd and main part. The music is composed with Roland HPD-15, Novation X-Station, Access Virus and a swarm swallows ;)
The tour shows the traffic on a german highway at night.

Speedjunk v1

Do i present the sound or do i present the video? I self don't know ;)
The sound is starting with a track made with Doepfer A-100 System and fades into another track made with Roland HPD-15 and Novation X-Station.
The video shows the leaving of the Musikmesse Frankfurt and the highway tour.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Shadows - part 1 /// A-100 Analog Modular System

It's the A-100 System and nothing else, got 2 new modules which i included in my system.
Btw i'm not really sure in the moment if i make video for my music, or if i make music for my videos.
The actual clip presents only the beginning of a 45 min session. Maybe i'll prepare a further video with a later part of the sound session.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Welcome to the Machine - Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular System

That's definetly what i mostly like. Of course, nobody can't listen this hypnotic meditative sound nonstop, even me, but in any way everbody may have an inner feeling for his audioactive base, which can't become affected by time nor by mode. This is the art of sound sound of my soul.
The original track runs about 35 min. Unfortunately i need more time for creating the video than for the music, but creating a video is a step which can be done at all times. It's like a job. Creating the sound / music is not possible at all times, it's more as if i must be touched by the spirits. At first it needs time to create the patch. Sometimes i'm crazy lucky and the cable connections find their routes like patched by a ghost's hand. The i've only to catch the right moment when my mind and fingertips are sensitive enough for the magic session. That can't be forced !

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Out of Body Experience

Another old ambient track from 2007 with a cool fx-video, rerendered in HD now for YouTube

Ganz Weit weg / Far Far Away

Old ambient track from 2007. I just rediscovered the cool fx-video which was done in flash format and rerendered it now in HD for YouTube. The sound was made with Virus C.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Journey 04 /// A-100, Mopho

High meditative sound made with Doepfer's A-100 Analog Modular System and Dave Smith's Mopho.
The video is full experimental, tried out something new, but it's not exactly what i wanted. Will follow this line in the future, or maybe i replace the video at any time.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

A-100 patch: Day oo32

Included a 2nd VCO in my A-100 analog Modular System. I'm really enjoyed about the fat sound, it's much more than with only 1 VCO. This patch setup is only a test, also for the Clock Sequencer and Clock Divider. Read in the video which modules are included in this setup

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Journey II /// Mopho, Revolution, A-100, X-Station, Virus

"Journey II" is a specific track for meditation, hypnosis sessions or nlp technics (neuro linguistic programing). For listening use your headphones, put your feet on the desk or relax in any way. Then you'll have a good trip ;)
If you've a mind-machine don't hesitate to use it with this sound and blow up your mind.
"Journey II" is made with following hardware synthesizers:
Dave Smith's Mopho, Future Retro Revolution, Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular System, Novation's X-Station 25 and Access Virus C.

100220 Journey II

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

100219 exp. Mix / MC-909, Jomox, Sherman, A-100, Mopho, Future Retro

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Full experimental mix, tried to combine several instruments in one live track. The basic sound comes from the Roland MC-909 and is partical routet through the Jomox T-Resonator and the Sherman Filterbank. The sound from Dave Smith's Mopho is routet via the Future Retro Revolution and again through the Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular System.
For the video fx editing i tried out something new. I think the idea is great, but the practice more difficult because the handheld camera moving isn't smooth as it should be. Will think about how i can fix this difficulty in the future. Maybe you've an idea.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

100212 Journey

100212 Journey

Song made with Roland MC-909, Jomox T-Resonator, Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular System and Kawai K4

Cover Journey

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

100131 | 909

Song made with Roland MC-909 and Access Virus Indigo

(demo modus, short break all 90 sec, SONG NOW AVAILABLE @

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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Roland MC-909, short drum session

No preset, no pre-existing pattern! It's not easy to avoid using firmware patterns with the MC-909, but last not least it's the the greatest way to produce music by 100% own composing.

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Saturday, 23 January 2010

1st Try Out with Jomox T-Resonator

1st try out with Jomox T-Resonator.

Sound source: Roland MC-909

While the 1st 3 minutes i modulate the basic sound settings. Be patient, the video and music becomes more interesting after this short intro.

The video is really the first try out with my Jomox T-Resonator, but there are some cuts in the clip to get the 500mb max without loosing video quality.

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