Saturday, 8 August 2009

Mare Digitalis 2 /// patch: A-100 Analog Modular System

Self running A-100 patch build with a very small system. The sound isn't an exactly perfect imitation of nature's sound, but those of you who know the sounds of the sea will enjoy this digital version ;)

Mare Digitalis 1 /// patch: A-100 Analog Modular System

Self running A-100 patch build with a very small system. The sound isn't an exactly perfect imitation of nature's sound, but those of you who know the sounds of the sea will enjoy this digital version ;)

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Fuel Injection / A-100 sample

A-100 / The Galactic Breath

The 2nd day with my (mini) A-100 Analog Modular System. This is the first patch which i won't miss. In between i changed 2 cables for the cool stereo effect which you hear in the sample. From A-134 PAN i go to A-181 Multiples 2. From there i get stereo out ;)


Used this time a premade Nord Modular patch from Dasz Garncarz to make music. Added some nature voices and at last one more track played with Novation X-Station.

Clavia Nord Modular G2 patch: Walhalla

Nord Modular G2 Patch: 090718 LFO DarkAmbience

Build an easy LFO FX patch today:

Nord Modular Patch: 090718 LFO Dark Ambience.pch2

``..´´ eXCess ``..´´

Can't have too less hobbies!
In any way in the moment i've 2 videos for which i need new music. One shows impressions from a birds park, the other shows majestic devilish clouds. But what i found is a never published and forgotten record from 2007 which i made in my office with my Quasimidi Sirius Workstation. Absolute not the right stuff for the videos, but definitive too pitty to become forgotten.
So i'll publish once more some power music and hope to find the peace again for my basic style.
The song ``..´´ eXCess ``..´´ is recorded in only one live track. Myself i wonder again and again what's going with the Sirius.

090708 Quasimidi Sirius

Whenever i use this old synthesizer workstation which has a place in my tattoo-office, it can't fail. With the Quasimidi Sirius you produce hits in absoute short time. This machine is really old and not state of the art, the handling isn't really well and the sound-fx seems a little bit poor, but the beat is one of the finest and all together the Sirius works better than my groove station.
The actual song 090708 (oh, i'm tired of thinking about titles) is mainly only one recorded track. In the 2nd half i included sonar samples and a background track with Novation x-Station.

.... and have a short summer break

Cover for the song "..... and have a short summer break".
I produced the song after a sunday trip to Vogelpark Walsrode, a zoo area only for birds from all over the world which i visit every year one sunday in summer. In the 2nd part of the song you hear a record from the tropic hall which represents only Indonesia. The Gamelan music in the background is especially from Bali where you hear this everyday everwhere. It's absolute balinese style.

Underwater Video, back to the roots

Holidays must wait :( but the time is well to check my video material from last year.
Making music for underwater videos is the reason why i started making music. I remember my first clip and the ? how to get the right sound for it which i can publish in the www. Because the looking for gema-free music didn't make me happy i looked in a software department of a megastore for any synthesizer software, only with the idea to make some mystic noise. So i came back home with Cubasis3 and this was the first time in my PC life that i checked a complete tutorial. 30 min later i started to compose my 1st sound.
Oha, what has happened all in between. Shit, i'm only unlucky that i didn't get this idea in the early 70s when synthesizer music became it's greatest time.

New Cover Art

Made 2 new covers for the song "THE BIG WHITE WHALE" which i published in my previous post.
"THE BIG WHITE WHALE" is a 29 min track, LoFi demo
Used equipment: Kawai K4, Nord Modular G2, Virus C

The Big White Whale

No time for new creative outputs in the moment, since weeks i'm totally filled with creating new product brochures and repairing links after my store provider changed his server. Now since some days i wished to check this song which i've composed last year because i didn't remember the sound, .............. and yeah, i enjoy it again!!! It's exactly the right one to empower my stressed and tired mind again.

"The Big White Whale" is a 29 min track, LoFi demo
Used equipment: Kawai K4, Nord Modular G2, Virus C


Nature & the CityJazz

Nature & the CityJazz

What may be better to display the sound of spring than this beauty sitting at a window and enjoying the upcoming day of this fantastic season?
The music is a combination of 2 records made with my ZOOM H2 handy recorder. Record 1 is made in a nature reservat near my home city, record 2 is made in the city. While checking and cleaning the records i got the idea to combine them and i think the result is a fantastic demonstration of typical german spring time, when birds are singing as it's best and street musicians do the same.
I'll never understand why people are walking in the streets and listen only to their mp3 player. The street atmo can be so fascinating if you open your mind.

Zoom H2, first test

Was bringt Hale-Bopp?

Was bringt Hale-Bopp? (Cover)

Cover for my new song "Was bringt Hale-Bopp?" (What comes with Hale-Bopp?)

This song is my homage to the comet Hale-Bopp which was rising through our visible space in 1997. I'll never forget this stunning great appearance and i'm forever thankful to have been here on earth at that time to be able to watch it. I remember my mind of that time when i was still creating my Tarot Deck Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot and read a lot about mythology. So i was really enjoyed when i read about comets, that in earlier times people thought that comets are bearers or messengers, although people thougt this in a bad way. In case of my astrology studies i've read a lot about planets and their mythology before, even about the mythology of fixed stars. So i knew that there are really bad stars and also kind stars (that means about their influence to the human psyche). So or so, this art of thinking is absolutely mine. It's not fantasy and it's not a question of personal believes, it is an absolute universal law that all what's moving in our space is interactive with the whole. Humans with a higher mind have the senses to feel and understand that and even the global or spiritual interaction. The only problem is the time, because in this life we have only a few of it, while in the universal and spiritual mind time seems not really existing. That means an interaction can work within some days or even within several years. An interaction which is signalized by a great comet must be an important one which is valid for a whole generation. In this way it will be difficult even for the higher mind intelligence to answer the question "Was bringt Hale-Bopp". But that what's really important is to tell our children about those higher universal spirits, because if they forget the higher spiritual senses the human life will become nothing else than a jelly which smears the surface of this planet Earth.

Alionoctis VST and more

Today/tonight i checked my VST folder to get a overview what i have and what not. Usually i prefer to use hardware equipment, but sometimes it's relaxing to produce sound with VST plugins. In any way in the moment i'm on a Ambient trip and the VSTs from HG FORTUNE are really great for that style. While in the last days i used the STS24, today i installed the ALIONOCTIS and recorded some samples. Puh, it's very deep Ambient and more and more i think it becomes time to put some fresh beats in my sound. But this won't happen today.
I had more than enough creative flow today. From morning to midday i finished a new 3D image, later we had a long walk in the nature and in the afternoon i had to create a new product brochure for my HALFHOUSE ORIGINALS 3D models. I think everybody will understand why i can't put 100% creativity in my music production after such a day.
III - Highpriestess

Trash or not trash? - Nord G2 Modular patch

One of these stupid days when all time seems wasted :(
Used my Nord Modular G2 which i haven't used since long time. Yep, the last used/created patch runs with a mighty beat. I created this sequencer patch last year in septembre and it sounds well. So i first made some screenshots of the patch. After this i tried to make a track with the 5 variations of the patch, but as more i proceed, so more i got the feeling to make nothing else than trash and waste time. F...!

The Nature

I'm just back from the Elm, a protected nature reservat not far from my town. While my wife had to do something with her fingernails i used this nice sunday afternnoon to take my HD-Camcorder and my H2 Handyrecorder (HiFi audio recorder, a microphone looking like a razor) and look and listen for some interesting records.Oh well, good that my wife had no time, so nobody shouts while i try to take records, and nobody is in front of my cam when i'll take a shot. I love my wife, but in the nature i'm searching the silence.The first what i noticed is that i can't catch the fantastic smell of May, the smell of woodroff and wet earth. And also i noticed that i forgot anti-mosquito solution :( but i had a really great walk around and lots of birds were singing. I allways wonder how difficult it is in the wood so far from the town, to get a record without people who are shouting anywhere and also without the sound of car traffic or aeroplanes. Sounds which we don't note in the cities also destroy the silence in the nature. Human and machine sounds are everywhere around us, all the time! So i could enjoy that while the beginning rain there were more moments of silence and i got nice records of nature. Something else what i allways wonder about when i'm on the way with my H2 Handyrecorder are the noices of ourself which we don't control. For example the jingle sound of clothes zipper or money in our pockets, the sound of fabric rubbing at itself, or the the sound of our footsteps on the ground. Try to move like an indian or a bushman, you'll wonder how difficult that is. So the only possibility to get a well record is while standing absolute still, also without moving the fingers on the plastic surface of my Handyrecorder, and in hope that the mosquitos are friendly for a moment ;)Of course, all nature sounds can be created by software nowadays in absolute fantastic clear HiFi, even including random generating soundscapes, but that's not the same like live records. Synthetic records are clear, much more clear than the real life, and even in the mind to want this your brain knows that it's not the reality which you listen. It's only your phantasy which is listening, that makes no real fun. Live records are allways a wonder, sometimes a nice one, sometimes a bad one. You can be sure to make a journey while listening, to discover the life, to enjoy (or not) sounds which you didn't note while recording, ....
.... and all together allways to get the real feeling again, only without the smell of the season!