Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Hidden - Mantas at Bali (Sea)

...and here's my 1st pure Manta video. Till today the basic video source material is more than 1 year stored in the GB spaces of my harddrives. Till now i used only sometimes a short clip to include it in my music videos as background atmosphere.
All video scenery which you see in this 10 min clip is filmed while a 1 hour dive at the Manta Point near Bali in 2008. I've also Manta records from one more 1 hour dive at the same spot. That i'll use for further video in the next time. Hope to get the time before my upcoming holidays ;)
The music is made with my A-100 Analog Modular System and Novation's X-Station 25.
New re-release and remastering 2013.

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