Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Was bringt Hale-Bopp?

Was bringt Hale-Bopp? (Cover)

Cover for my new song "Was bringt Hale-Bopp?" (What comes with Hale-Bopp?)

This song is my homage to the comet Hale-Bopp which was rising through our visible space in 1997. I'll never forget this stunning great appearance and i'm forever thankful to have been here on earth at that time to be able to watch it. I remember my mind of that time when i was still creating my Tarot Deck Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot and read a lot about mythology. So i was really enjoyed when i read about comets, that in earlier times people thought that comets are bearers or messengers, although people thougt this in a bad way. In case of my astrology studies i've read a lot about planets and their mythology before, even about the mythology of fixed stars. So i knew that there are really bad stars and also kind stars (that means about their influence to the human psyche). So or so, this art of thinking is absolutely mine. It's not fantasy and it's not a question of personal believes, it is an absolute universal law that all what's moving in our space is interactive with the whole. Humans with a higher mind have the senses to feel and understand that and even the global or spiritual interaction. The only problem is the time, because in this life we have only a few of it, while in the universal and spiritual mind time seems not really existing. That means an interaction can work within some days or even within several years. An interaction which is signalized by a great comet must be an important one which is valid for a whole generation. In this way it will be difficult even for the higher mind intelligence to answer the question "Was bringt Hale-Bopp". But that what's really important is to tell our children about those higher universal spirits, because if they forget the higher spiritual senses the human life will become nothing else than a jelly which smears the surface of this planet Earth.

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