Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Underwater Video, back to the roots

Holidays must wait :( but the time is well to check my video material from last year.
Making music for underwater videos is the reason why i started making music. I remember my first clip and the ? how to get the right sound for it which i can publish in the www. Because the looking for gema-free music didn't make me happy i looked in a software department of a megastore for any synthesizer software, only with the idea to make some mystic noise. So i came back home with Cubasis3 and this was the first time in my PC life that i checked a complete tutorial. 30 min later i started to compose my 1st sound.
Oha, what has happened all in between. Shit, i'm only unlucky that i didn't get this idea in the early 70s when synthesizer music became it's greatest time.

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