Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Nature

I'm just back from the Elm, a protected nature reservat not far from my town. While my wife had to do something with her fingernails i used this nice sunday afternnoon to take my HD-Camcorder and my H2 Handyrecorder (HiFi audio recorder, a microphone looking like a razor) and look and listen for some interesting records.Oh well, good that my wife had no time, so nobody shouts while i try to take records, and nobody is in front of my cam when i'll take a shot. I love my wife, but in the nature i'm searching the silence.The first what i noticed is that i can't catch the fantastic smell of May, the smell of woodroff and wet earth. And also i noticed that i forgot anti-mosquito solution :( but i had a really great walk around and lots of birds were singing. I allways wonder how difficult it is in the wood so far from the town, to get a record without people who are shouting anywhere and also without the sound of car traffic or aeroplanes. Sounds which we don't note in the cities also destroy the silence in the nature. Human and machine sounds are everywhere around us, all the time! So i could enjoy that while the beginning rain there were more moments of silence and i got nice records of nature. Something else what i allways wonder about when i'm on the way with my H2 Handyrecorder are the noices of ourself which we don't control. For example the jingle sound of clothes zipper or money in our pockets, the sound of fabric rubbing at itself, or the the sound of our footsteps on the ground. Try to move like an indian or a bushman, you'll wonder how difficult that is. So the only possibility to get a well record is while standing absolute still, also without moving the fingers on the plastic surface of my Handyrecorder, and in hope that the mosquitos are friendly for a moment ;)Of course, all nature sounds can be created by software nowadays in absolute fantastic clear HiFi, even including random generating soundscapes, but that's not the same like live records. Synthetic records are clear, much more clear than the real life, and even in the mind to want this your brain knows that it's not the reality which you listen. It's only your phantasy which is listening, that makes no real fun. Live records are allways a wonder, sometimes a nice one, sometimes a bad one. You can be sure to make a journey while listening, to discover the life, to enjoy (or not) sounds which you didn't note while recording, ....
.... and all together allways to get the real feeling again, only without the smell of the season!

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