Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Alionoctis VST and more

Today/tonight i checked my VST folder to get a overview what i have and what not. Usually i prefer to use hardware equipment, but sometimes it's relaxing to produce sound with VST plugins. In any way in the moment i'm on a Ambient trip and the VSTs from HG FORTUNE are really great for that style. While in the last days i used the STS24, today i installed the ALIONOCTIS and recorded some samples. Puh, it's very deep Ambient and more and more i think it becomes time to put some fresh beats in my sound. But this won't happen today.
I had more than enough creative flow today. From morning to midday i finished a new 3D image, later we had a long walk in the nature and in the afternoon i had to create a new product brochure for my HALFHOUSE ORIGINALS 3D models. I think everybody will understand why i can't put 100% creativity in my music production after such a day.
III - Highpriestess

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